Image KCF Thank You 070716We dedicate this page to everyone who has helped in some way to make this organization and its partnership ministries and extensions a success!

  • Omar Abdel Hady/ Website: (Responsible for our Soul2Soul and Vision Development Institute Logos)
  • Joe Binder/ Email: / Twitter: @joebinder7 (Responsible for our Sanctified Chaos Logo)
  • Yvonne Burdick / LinkedIn: (Responsible for our MAXIM Logo)
  • Angela Naranjo/ (Responsible for our Mission Project Logo)
  • Joe from Visionary Creations / (Responsible for The Movement Logo)
  • Amy Pinto/ Email: Portfolio: (Responsible for our Circle of Paul logo).
  • Riley Radosavich / Email: (Responsible for the Arrow Ministry Logo)
  • Jessica Roman / Email: (Responsible for our Vision Legacy and Hashtag Project Logos)
  • Jonathan Ronn/ Email: Portfolio: (Responsible for our Flawless, Kingdom City Athletics, Legacy HandBell, DeevaSpree and Arrow Ministries Logos)
  • Rizky Suwoto/ Email: / Portfolio: (Responsible for our Give-N-Go Logo)
  • Saul Ramos / Email: (Responsible for our Movement Logo)
  • Nelson R. (Responsible for crafting our donations/offerings box)


  • Chuck Gooley/ Email: (The Webmaster responsible for helping us design and launch our Website!!!)

If we have missed you, please let us know at and please charge it to our heads and not to our hearts!