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The 1City Bricklayers’ Community is a very important part of Kingdom City Fellowship.  Their primary function is to support the development of the 1City Academy, a proposed Christian school serving students in grades 5 to 12.  The Bricklayers will also support the other functions of our ministry (outreach, benevolence, youth programming, etc.).

Churches are not often eligible for grants to support their various program and have to find other means to support these programs to benefit youth, families and communities.  Likewise, Christian schools are not entitled to support in the same way that public schools are, so part of our challenge is to raise money so that they can operate.  Our personal vision is to raise enough money externally so that we won’t have to charge parents a hefty tuition so that more children will have the opportunity to receive a high quality Christian education and we also hope to raise enough money and awareness so that we can provide critical services to our members and to the community at large.

Members of The Bricklayers’ Community would be charged with three things:

  • Promoting, where possible, our ministry’s online presence (by liking and sharing our social media pages) and by sharing our website with others.
  • Participating in the “think tank” that will be responsible for helping us design the curricula and programming for the school.  We have convened a talented group of experts who will design the academic curricula and they will be looking to the think tank for ideas on things that we can incorporate to provide the best academic, faith-based and enrichment activities for our students.
  • Doing online fundraising for our organization (through Amazon, Goodshop and Goodsearch).  Online fundraising does not cost you anything but your time.  For instance, through the Goodsearch application – you would use their website as your website search engine (as opposed to “Bing” or “Google”) and each time you need to do an Internet search, Goodsearch will donate one penny to our ministry.  One penny may not seem like a lot to you – but imagine if we got 100 Bricklayers who did ten searches a day!  Through the Amazon and Goodshop applications, if you shop online, our ministry would earn a set percentage of your purchase.  Again – nothing comes from your pocket directly – the donation is made by the vendor you shopped from.

Because the Bricklayers’ Community plays such a pivotal role in the development of our school and ministry, each Community member’s name will be inscribed on a brick in church’s building so that our children and members will always know the names of the people who helped bring their school/church from dream to reality!  They will also be listed as supporters on our website!

If you believe that you are interested in becoming party of this community, please complete the form below.  We will be back in touch with you with specific instructions for Goodsearch (we’re not connected to Amazon yet) and you can expect to receive a monthly email to update you on our progress.  You may also email us at


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  • Pastor Herrera (NJ)
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