Circle of Paul


Circle of Paul is a community-based, interfaith Ministers’ Council that includes a network of ministers in New York and New Jersey who come together to discuss important issues that affect their communities and their churches and receive support, prayer and advice from fellow members of the clergy.  The Circle will broaden its membership beyond New York and New Jersey as God gives Direction and Provision.

The Circle is open to any member of the Clergy (particularly those called to any of the five-fold ministries as mentioned in Ephesians 4:11), regardless of their religious affiliation for one purpose and one purpose only – to promote unity in our communities and to demand accountability from those appointed to lead us in our communities.  This Council is not formed to discuss or debate beliefs or to provide a venue for condemnation of anyone.  It is also not formed to convert anyone who does not believe as we do.  One of our primary concerns is that people of faith are unified in their basic mandate to lead.  This is what we are called to do as Ministers of the Most High God.

The Circle of Paul will meet quarterly at a schedule to be determined by the majority of the group and will begin meeting in 2018.  The group will also convene virtually as appropriate.  There are modest annual dues of $20.00 to help defray the cost of the Council’s activities.  Dues are payable at first meeting attendance and a money order (no checks please) should be made payable to Kingdom City Fellowship (with a memo reading, “Circle of Paul” in the memo line).

You may submit an application to join the Circle of Paul here or email with “CIRCLE OF PAUL” in the Subject line.

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