Our First Family

REV. LEISA HERRERA, Th.D., Ed.D. – Pastor

Pastor Leisa is the inaugural Pastor of our Ministry and has been an ordained Pastor for more than fifteen years.

Our Pastor has served in many paid and volunteer capacities in the community for more than twenty-five years, most notably as the Executive Director for the 1City Youth Project, a non-profit organization that provided free sports, arts and recreational programs for more than 3,000 teens in its twenty-year history. She is the President of SoulDeevas LLC, a performing arts company for girls.

Affectionately known as “Doc”, Pastor Leisa has a commanding presence and believes in the power of community to effect change.  She works diligently to create venues by which everyone can take part in improving the state of their neighborhoods.

Pastor admittedly has her hands in several pots.  She is an expert at time management and says that her many commitments keep her challenged to always improve her organizational skills.  Schooled at Epiphany Lutheran Elementary School and Brooklyn Technical High School, her academic endeavors also include studies at Universal Theological Seminary, Mount Olive Bible Institute, Liberty University and Northcentral University.  An advocate for education, Doc has always strived to be a good study and has performed with honors in her undergraduate and graduate studies, most recently earning a GPA of 3.95 in her doctoral program.  Pastor is a member of the Golden Key Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, the National Association of Christian Ministers, Nu Sigma Theta and the Sports Chaplain Network.

As the leader of the Ministry, Pastor Leisa wants to create an environment that celebrates God and teaches people how to live victorious lives.  “This is definitely not an old-school church” and congregants should always expect the unexpected. “I’ve been in ministries that were exhausting to my spirit and my body.  I don’t want that for the People of God!” On the type of Pastor she wants to be, she says, “I want to be transparent and touchable.  I want people to know that, just like everybody else, I have made and will continue to make mistakes. I don’t mind exposing my mistakes, because I know that people will be able to relate.  But, I’m going to tell you what the Bible says and pray that you’ll make the changes necessary to get yourself right.  I’d also pray that when I make my next mistake, my parishioners will pray with me as I seek to get it right.”  In all of its endeavors, Kingdom City Fellowship will strive to make sure that its members are “built up”, not “beat down”.  The ministry frowns on the judgmental spirit, recognizing that ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s Glory (Romans 3:23).  While we won’t condone behaviors that are not in line with the Word, we commit to loving and praying for our members and friends as they seek God’s best for their lives and learn to govern themselves accordingly.

Pastor Leisa is notorious for her humor, often bursting into song, fits of laughter and dance; and is an avid fan of the Muppets and Looney Toons.  Her hobbies include poetry, play-writing, reading and stepping.  She enjoys sports and is a loyal fan of the New York Jets and Knicks.  While she loves music and singing, she admits that her voice can clear a room …. quickly!  An “80’s Baby”, she loves old-school hip-hop and R&B.  Her theme song is Prince’s “Baby I’m a Star” and when you ask what her mission is, she quotes Oxygen TV’s mantra, “I’m just here to live out loud!”  Pastor Leisa lives in Rahway, New Jersey with her husband, Bro. Luis.

BRO. LUIS HERRERA- Our First Gentleman

Bro. Luis is Pastor Leisa’s husband.  They were married on December 13, 2014.  He is a native of the Bronx, New York and serves as the Coordinator of Operations for the Ministry.  Bro. Luis also serves on the Ministry’s Trustee Board.

Bro. Luis, though new to non-denominational ministry, has a tremendous heart for young people and for service to the community and is hoping as the ministry grows, to create programs that enrich lives and create opportunities for growth and advancement.

For two years, he led the “Give and Go” basketball program, which he created as a venue for brothers in the Bronx to play basketball.  The program served almost 50 teens and young adults during its tenure and helped the participants sharpen their basketball skills while keeping them off of the streets and out of harm’s way.

Bro. Luis has worked in the healthcare field as a Junior Buyer for one of the largest hospital systems in New York City and has more than ten years of experience in procurement.  He is also an aspiring entrepreneur gifted with developing creative inventions.

Pastor Leisa and Bro. Luis are the proud parents of two nine-year old cats, Rufus & Chaka, who were adopted from the Center for Animal Care & Control in Brooklyn, New York.

Like Pastor Leisa, Bro. Luis has a tremendous sense of humor and is an avid sports fan – particularly football and basketball – which he is known to play on his spare time.  He has also dabbled in music in the past and enjoys old school music, particularly old school hip-hop which started in his hometown!

Stay Tuned…….