Child Dedications

The act of dedicating a child is a public commitment, one that is made before God, the Body of Christ and your family and friends.  It says that you recognize that your child is a gift from God and you publicly declare that you give your child back to Him, just as Hannah did for her son (1st Samuel 1:27).  Generally, children under the age of 12 are dedicated; however, a child at any age can be dedicated until he/she is old enough to make the decision to trust Christ alone for their salvation and be baptized.  You do not need to be a member of Kingdom City Fellowship to have your child dedicated in a public ceremony; however, our Pastor and/or Ministry staff will strongly encourage you to connect with a church home immediately following your child’s dedication, so that you can offer your child support in living a Godly life and prepare him/her for a life of service from the start.  We also ask that parents have (or be willing to develop) a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to be sure that their beliefs are in line with our Ministry’s Statement of Beliefs.  If you are interested in dedicating your child, please contact our office at