Image KCF Ordination 082216Ordination and licensing is the way that Kingdom City Fellowship recognizes, authorizes and affirms a person’s gifts and skills for ministry and dispatches them for community service.

Ordination is available to those who have a substantial preaching / teaching / evangelizing / leadership / administrative gift who are current members or who are seeking membership to the Kingdom City Fellowship. Upon application for ordination, we will examine the candidate’s knowledge of Biblical truth, commitment to the vision of this ministry and aptitude for service. Licensing is provided concurrently with ordination and is, in effect, our ministry’s permission for the licensee to conduct the work of the ministry in our name.

Candidates for ordination and licensure must have been a member of the Kingdom City Fellowship for at least one year; must demonstrate a substantial ministry gift and must serve the ministry through consistent giving. Once a candidate has applied for ordination and licensure, he/she must serve in Preparation Ministry for an additional year – the successful completion of which will be celebrated in a special ceremony.

Individuals who successfully complete any of the prescribed programs of the Citadel Bible School will receive a letter addressed to their Pastor attesting to their completion of Biblical studies and ministerial training and recommending ordination and/or licensure. While our letter recommends ordination and/or licensure, the final decision is completely at the discretion of the individual’s Pastor/Bishop. Kingdom City Fellowship does not ordain or recommend for ordination under any other circumstance.